The Real Rebate®

Vidclose reduces the closing costs of Buyer and Sellers through our REAL REBATE® program.

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The Vidclose difference


We will come to you to close anywhere & anytime! One of our Concierge Closers will explain every document you sign. This service is complimentary. If you prefer to close at one of our offices, we have many to choose from throughout Florida.


We have a team of attorneys that work on each purchase and sale. (Most Title Companies only have title agents, and most law firms have paralegals do the work). Combined, our team has closed 30,000+ properties.

Real Rebate and Price Match Guarantee

We are the only Title Company to offer you the Real Rebate®. We also provide our Price Match Guarantee and will match or beat any other title company’s combined fee for Owner’s Title Insurance policy premium and closing/settlement fee.


Who gets to use the Real Rebate, the Buyer or the Seller?

The Real Rebate is given to whoever is paying for the Owner’s Title Insurance Policy. The party that chooses the Title Company is always negotiable, but typically the Seller chooses and pays for the Owner’s Title Insurance Policy in 64 of Florida’s 68 counties. In Miami-Dade, Broward, Sarasota, and Collier counties the Buyer traditionally picks the Title Company and pays for the Owner’s Title Policy.

How can you offer such a substantial rebate?

Most Title Companies spend money on business relationships with Realtors and Real Estate Brokers. We simply choose to cut out the middleman and give our clients a rebate directly. We advertise online, which is probably how you got to us, and try save you the money.

What is a Re-Issue rate discount? Can I get both this discount and the Real Rebate?

If you’ve owned your home for less than three years and you’re selling it, you should automatically get a discount on your Owner’s Title Policy. This is called a Re-Issue rate discount. Not all Title Companies will disclose this to you though, so be sure to ask about it. At Artesian Title, you will get either the Re-Issue Credit, OR the Real Rebate, whichever is greater.

Is the Real Rebate even legal?

Yes, it is legal. It is compliant with Florida regulations. In fact, in Florida, it is often called a Butler Rebate named after the famous Florida Supreme Court case that found it was legal. Just remember, this eats into other Title Company’s profits so many of them will tell you what they want to get your business or prevent you from getting some of their $.

Am I required to work with a particular Lender or Realtor to get the Real Rebate?

No, you are free to work with any lender and agent you’d like and still receive the Real Rebate®.

Do you up charge your other fees to make up for giving a Real Rebate?

We do not up charge any fees to cover the Real Rebate®. In fact, we are proud to rank among the lowest in settlement fees next to our competitors.

Can you guarantee your settlement fee and title insurance policy?

We guarantee that these fees combined will be lower than other Title Companies because of our Price Match Guarantee. Make sure you are looking at apples to apples – a true comparison – when you look at our competitors. We don’t charge junk fees and many of our competitors do. Settlement Fee + Title Insurance Policy = Lower than any other Settlement Fee and Title Insurance Policy quote in FL. Our Price Match Guarantee covers all of FL, and if you send us a lower competitor’s quote, we will match it. Check the online reviews – Google them and us – before you make a decision. Contact us for a quote to get started.

Does the State of Florida regulate Title Fees?

Yes, they do set/regulate title policy premiums.

Honestly, how do you offer the Real Rebate?

We don’t have to market to Realtors, and that saves us money. We want to pass that savings on to our clients.

What are the terms and conditions to qualify for the Real Rebate?

  1. The property must be located in the state of Florida.
  2. No other programs under Vidclose can be combined to gain additional discounts.
  3. The Buyer or Seller must agree to all Real Rebate™ terms and conditions above.
  4. Real Rebate will be given to the party that is responsible for paying the Title Insurance Policy. 

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